10 Benefits of Having Short Hair

Benefits of Having Short HairAs much as we love our long tresses and stick on what we know works for us, there’s something about short haircut that urges most of us to take the plunge. Well, why not? Short hair comes with a slew of perks aside from being one of the big trends over the years.

I have some friends who want to get a short haircut but the idea scares them. I also felt that kind of fear when I decided to go short in 2014 but all went well and I was glad I made it. So while I’ve always loved my long, wavy hair, going short wasn’t a difficult decision for me. It’s a good change after all – just learn to love and fully embrace it!

Below, I summed up some reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to cut your hair and change up your look. In case you’re not pleased with your major hair move, don’t worry, it grows back (#10). Enjoy!

1. It makes you look younger.

2. It takes less time to get ready.

 3. It goes well with all kinds of outfits.

4. It saves you money on hair products and salon visits.

5. It dries faster.

6. It accentuates your facial features.

7. It gives you a professional look.

8. It gets rid of dye damage and split ends thus, looks healthier and softer.

9. It boosts confidence.

10. It grows back.

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