100% Watsons Happy

100% Watsons Happy1Products or service-related, everyone aims to be a happy and satisfied customer. We want zero complaint and regret. Honestly, I’m neither a fan of blatant ranting on purchases nor publicly arguing with a staff just because I worked as fast-food chain crew back in college. Been there. I know the feels of dealing and attending to the needs of different customers each day. It’s not all about stiff smile and sales talk. It wasn’t easy.

Fast-forward to present, I always make sure to interact well with a crew. It impresses me when someone warmly accommodates and sincerely assists me. Best example is my shopping experience at Watsons, Harbor Point. I was in quest of matte lipstick to replace my old flame (magic lipstick! LOL). Entering the store indecisive, I was a helpless chicken until the Revlon staff courteously approached me.

100% Watsons Happy2
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (P350)

After our Q&A portion, I was convinced to buy the lipstick (separate review soon!) she tried on me. What delighted me more was when she carefully guided me on applying the tester. She even helped to clean up my lippie mess (clumsy ever! Haha!).

100% Watsons Happy3
Nichido retractable Powder Make-up Brush (P238)

I also got to purchase a make-up brush (separate review also soon!) which she recommended after retouching my powder. I was soooooo impressed! Now, for me, Watsons is not only a trusted place for best beauty and wellness finds but also a home of great customer service. What’s your 100% Watsons happy experience? 🙂

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