20 Things About Me

Jansell Iris SimbulanWhile planning for future trips, preparing for Fhabs’ birthday (this 11th!) and working my butt off to accomplish every goal, I make sure to spend some alone time just to reflect. This helps me put things in perspective and know where I’ve been & I’m now, how’s life lately and the list goes on. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll observe that I’ve been writing things not related to my usual stuff (travel & style) lately.

I shared with you my Christmas wish list, life pegs, as well as things that made me happy last month. As we dig deep into something personal, allow me to share with you the things you didn’t know about me. Here we go!

20. I’m an “ukay-ukay” (thrift shop) queen and the pile of pre-loved clothes is my throne. I can spend all day hoarding the clothing racks, fitting items and asking for discounts (tawad) from the salesperson. Yes, most of my clothes (posted in the blog) are treasures from thrift shop and the queen is forever proud of it!

19. I love doing volunteer and charity works.

18. I wore dental braces for two years. Adjustment pain, loose bracket, poking wire – been there.

17. I’m an animal lover. We have a number of cats and dogs at home.

16. I showed signs of Polio back in grade school and wasn’t able to walk for four months.

15. I used to play the guitar and lyre.

14. I’m not into dancing but joined group dance competitions and won. Pretty ironic huh? Haha!

13. I love eating more than sleeping. It’s one of the best things in life! Favorites are: pizza, spaghetti, Filipino and Mexican foods. Plus, I love vegetables and eat all kinds.

12. Ultimate dream travel destination: PARIS.

11. I was a student council officer in college and a campus journalist in high school. #BibongKid

 10. I’m a sucker for good coffee. Part of my travel routine is look for coffee shops and have a cup of joe.

9. I’m eager to learn about makeup application and will try my best to master even just the basic.

8. I can’t drive. I drove few blocks before and killed something – beautiful plants in a front gate landscape. Ooops sorry!

7. What makes me smile and cry at the same time: Disney and Pixar movies.

6. I can’t swim. If you ask me if I can save my life in the water, you know the answer.

5. I have left ear cartilage piercing with an anchor earring. This always reminds me to put courage and strength in what I do.

4. I don’t eat chocolates. Read about it here.

3. I’m a clumsy kid since 1993. Fell into open drainage. Exploded some ketchup on my face. Left iron burn mark on my coat. Name it!

2. I truly appreciate YOU for dropping by and reading my blog. It means so much to me.

1. Most favorite people: Mom and Fhabs.

P.S. I’ll be glad to know something about you, too.

*Cover Image Artwork: Fhabs Mallari

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