2nd Vikings Experience + On Being Grateful

Vikings SM PampangaAs we’re about to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we’re also in jolly mood for different occasions with families, friends, colleagues and organizations this season.

Almost two weeks ago, we had a mini celebration at Vikings SM Pampanga for my cousin’s milestone – passing the CE board exam. All glory to God! It’s my 2nd Vikings experience and I was more than ready to check out every station and indulge with delicious treats.Vikings SM PampangaVikings SM PampangaVikings SM PampangaFinally got to see and taste an actual Ratatouille. I first learned about this from a Disney-Pixar movie of the same name which is about Remy, a rat who dreams of becoming a renowned French chef and allies with a kitchen worker in one of Paris’ finest restaurants to realize his dream. Love the film so much!Vikings SM PampangaVikings SM PampangaHaving a sweet tooth, you would always find me in dessert station and this time, I gushed over my two favorites: Eiffel tower and desserts!Vikings SM PampangaI also received an invite from a close friend for her niece’s birthday party which I attended in the evening. Reflecting after these two events, I feel so happy and blessed to have such kind of day.

Every treat or invite, no matter how big or small it may be, is not always about the food and momentary happiness that we can gain but it’s the thoughtfulness, appreciation and grace of giving that we should be thankful for. In every act of love, kindness and appreciation, be grateful.

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