A Missing Formula

Heavy traffic. Heart-breaking crime scenes. Ill-mannered students. Polluted areas.

These are some scenarios we are presently facing as we live in this world.  We always strive to save this so-called world by our words but not by actions. We try to figure out things to solve the problem, however, we do not come to realize that the precise reason behind those acts is simply we lack of discipline.

A very simple term yet it is so difficult for us to manifest and apply its value on our everyday living. We are too occupied by the things we desire to satisfy us and make our life convenient. Moreover, we are always in a hurry to adapt the culture of what is in and out today so we tend to forget the simple virtue we have to practice in order to build a nation of peace, unity and progress.

We need not be a professional to become disciplined. We just have to learn to practice it even in a simple way and will surely become our routine.

Following the traffic rules avoid future problems.  Respecting others brings them self-esteem and boosts their dignity. Throwing our trashes to proper place results to clean environment. Becoming a law-abiding citizen makes sense.

Imagine , if we all have discipline, we can somehow make a difference by altering our harsh and heinous world into the world of love and harmony. It is not wrong to have a good education, a decent job, and have lots of money, however, it is the essence of discipline that will lead us to a better, uncomplicated, and merrier life. Practicing proper discipline brings no harm, so why not try it?

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