An Advance Ticket to the Real World

1“Don’t be afraid to try new things. That is how we learn and grow.”

Looking for efficient practicum site is quite difficult especially in our case when we had no stable practicum coordinator to take in charge during that time. Though I planned to have my practicum in Manila, I undoubtedly pursued that here in Pampanga because I believe that it is not about having a well-known and cutting-edge site but it is up to us, students, on how we make ourselves productive and make the whole experience worthwhile. Likewise, in time of my preparation for summer practicum, my grandfather passed away so I decided not to pursue the practicum in Manila to help my family not to overthink about other things that involved financial matter.

My first day at Angeles City Information Office seemed like I haven’t entered college. Everything was different and felt like I could not have the urge to talk or even greet them for I was bashful for a moment. On the other hand, I was glad for I was with a good friend, Deng. In succeeding days, I proved my premise towards choosing a practicum site. Some people presumed that Angeles City Information Office is not as popular as other sites and even had no assurance what will the site contribute to my practicum term. But, those will remain as a myth forever. CIO family gave me the chance to explore everything – literally everything I have to learn.

I did coverage of events and activities where I dealt with people from different walks of life as well as observed things in which social issues were rampant. I drafted scripts for the segments of Baguis Sulagpo Tana! Program where I found out that having a boss to read and examine my script was the most heart-pounding part of the procedure but the commendations I received from him was the most special one. I took photos during the activities where I learned to consider every bit of the scene I have to capture. The most fulfilling part was seeing my piece published on a local newspaper.

I also had  GV FM 99.1 Station visits and observed various discussions. I constructed interview questions which helped me become more reasonable and considerate towards the asked person. I created infomercials as the final project which proved my courage, dedication, and passion to finish what I started in practicum.

Taking the initiative and showing a dose of eagerness in everything I do is like allowing me to taste and to experience a meaningful life. I also discovered that I don’t always have to do everything by myself because there will always be compassionate people who will stand before me to share their learning and guide me along the way. It is true that learning extends beyond the classroom wall as long as we muster the courage to face what life has to offer outside.

Pursuing my practicum at CIO is one of the best decisions I made in college life. Spending time with my Supervisor taught me that even you are in the position and have the authority to run things, you should still keep your feet on the ground and give importance to the people around you. Observing the employees made me realize that keeping yourself contented and happy in your job at all times is uncertain but as long as you have something to look forward to such as sharing good company with your co-workers and enjoying your “mission accomplished” moment, everything will surely be fine.

The things I would experience as soon as I graduated from college may no longer surprise me because somehow I had a bitter-sweet taste of ‘real world’ even for a short period and the experiences I had will always be cherished.

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