Ang Lahat Ay Posible by Say Maranatha

Ang Lahat Ay Posible by Say MaranathaSix years in the making and now it’s bound to capture the hearts of many, hitting the airwaves with fresh, feel-good music! Attending Say Maranatha Album Launch last April, I was ecstatic watching the band performed full of soulful energy and joining the really hyper crowd. Everyone was jiving to the beat!

It’s also fascinating to learn how this passionate team carved out their dreams from nothing but their talents and relentless faith. They even regard themselves, “Just a bunch of nobodies who love music and have found unending joy and freedom in Jesus.”, and for me, their music is simply the best of everything I want to listen to as soon as I wake up in the morning up to the moment I doze off at night. After reading this, you are much welcome to :

Grab a copy of the album | Visit their official Facebook page

Watch “Ang Lahat Ay Posible” Music Video | And sing your heart out!

No reason to doubt it, simply because, ANG LAHAT AY POSIBLE.

*Also available on iTunes and Google Play

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