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Australia-First Travel Abroad1Back in PH last Friday from three-week Australia trip and there’s no way for me not to share [every bit of] it starting today and embrace yourselves for a series of AU posts/travel features coming soon! This year has been filled with high hopes and dream to travel and explore different places. Honestly, I’m only rooting for local trips and domestic flights around the country. Shameless plug: check out my travels here. Thus, it never crossed my mind that I’d jump to other part of the world this month. Though it may be given that my boss/client is based from Australia, still I haven’t set high expectation – for too much of it leads to disappointment? I don’t know. I just do my best at work while get along with my teammates and colleagues.

The moment they revealed the surprise, I was totally speechless and froze up. It wasn’t also a smooth process before the trip as I had tough battle with passport application plus birth certification correction but to sum it up, my faith and strong support system didn’t fail me. Up to now, I’m waking myself up from an exceptionally beautiful dream and here’s the glimpse of my first travel abroad.Australia-First Travel Abroad2Australia-First Travel Abroad3Australia-First Travel Abroad4Australia-First Travel Abroad5Australia-First Travel Abroad7Australia-First Travel Abroad8Australia-First Travel Abroad6Australia-First Travel Abroad9Australia-First Travel Abroad25The Arrival: Lunch at Aussie Hotel and ordered Beef Parma. Checked in at Southgate Motor Inn’s super nice apartment. Dinner at Sir Jamie’s place.Australia-First Travel Abroad10Australia-First Travel Abroad11Grocery shopping at Coles which has two branches near to our hotel.Australia-First Travel Abroad12Australia-First Travel Abroad13Australia-First Travel Abroad14Australia-First Travel Abroad15First weekend: Melbourne trip and more of this, Queen Victoria Market & Eureka Skydeck 88 tour soon.Australia-First Travel Abroad16Australia-First Travel Abroad17Australia-First Travel Abroad18Lunch at Ms. Andrea’s place and tasted a staple Aussie meal. Played with Perry, the energetic doggie.Australia-First Travel Abroad19Australia-First Travel Abroad20First time to play bowling at Star Bowl and guess what, I scored two perfect strikes in the second round. Yay!Australia-First Travel Abroad22Laser Tag and Go Kart night with the team at Fun City. Dinner and catch up at Teller Collective.Australia-First Travel Abroad23Australia-First Travel Abroad24Second Weekend: Tour at Kyabram Fauna Park. So happy to see koalas and kangaroos up close and taste the best hot choco I’ve ever had! Did shopping at Big W (Shepparton Marketplace) and gladly to take home the best buys.Australia-First Travel Abroad27Australia-First Travel Abroad26Lastly, happy faces — with my brother and sisters at CG team! We’ve been through ups and downs and I just can’t stop being happy to have them in real-world journey. 🙂

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