AUSTRALIA | Giant H&M Melbourne

Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne1Our Melbourne tour was full of wandering around and taking lots of photos because every corner was instagrammable. We stopped by the huge Victorian-era building and I thought it’s an old museum or art gallery but I was wrong in all sense – it’s a shopping centre! Mind you, it’s not an ordinary shop because, hey, it’s H&M! Imagine my astonishment when I saw the banner!

Entering and seeing what’s inside, I felt like I was in Disney castle. It’s simply huge for a single clothing store!Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne2Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne4Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne3H&M was on sale that night and people kept hunting various selections which I think were affordable given the discounts.Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne5Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne6

Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne7Though I didn’t buy one for myself, I took this time to browse on their winter collection. Sorry I became a bit biased here as I wasn’t able to take photos of Men’s section. Maybe you can forgive me as I was just dumbfounded by the fashionable pieces and the giant building itself. 🙂 Happy Shopping folks!Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne12Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne11

Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne14Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne15

Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne18Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne19Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne20

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