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First Trip at BaguioIt’s been one of my childhood dreams to visit Baguio City, be surrounded by its low temperature and free-flowing fog that gives a sweet escape from the sickening heat of the city we live in. Every time the plan of making it real is brought up to conversation, I got chills.

However, a twist of fate always intrudes in the picture-perfect scene. Whether I had high fever, entrance exam or important errands to accomplish, the “all-set” plans turned into “let’s have it next time” tap on the shoulder. The plan became as black as the smoke coming from belching vehicles in our city and not as white as the fog coating my dream city.

Days, months, and even years went by, that childhood dream turned into an early adulthood dream until the night before I doze off, a dose of excitement and nervousness filled my system and the next day was about setting foot and venturing the steep and zigzag road to my dream. After five failed attempts, the sixth one was a success.

People who already went there and told me some stories were right. Baguio City is a sort of small picture of Brazil homes’ structure in which colorful houses were built alongside the mountains. Pine trees stand tall and fine around the corner. Breezy air touches everyone’s sweater. Walking in the high-slope streets gives people an instant exercise minus the drops of sweat. The City of Pines is also a home of beautiful landmarks.First Trip at BaguioMINESVIEW PARK. It boasts the breathtaking view of the city. The famous and enormous St. Bernard dog named “Douglas” is also the tourists’ main attraction. A quick hug from him made my day!First Trip at Baguio
THE MANSION. It is situated in the heart of the Wright Park and is where the President of our country stay during his visit in the city.First Trip at BaguioSTRAWBERRY FARM. Aside from being regarded as “City of Pines”, Baguio City is distinguished for its bountiful production of strawberries and vegetables (lettuce, potato, cabbage, broccoli, etc.), maybe because of its cool temperature and healthy soil. This farm allows tourists to pick fresh strawberries. Yes, I picked and out of joy, ate some also.

Every tourist looks for souvenir and this city is rich with different kinds of treats: strawberry/ube jams, wood-carved keychain, brooms, lengua de gato, peanut brittle, name it! Each piece is irresistible and worth the purchase.First Trip at BaguioMy over-all experience was surreal! I packed myself with thrill and excitement as I got up there and brought home with wonderful memories. Yes, we fail. But when we succeed it’s as sweet as a strawberry and bright as a sunflower.

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