BAGUIO | Summer Capital (Day 1)

Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)7I can’t fight this feeling anymore – I mean the extremely hot weather, it’s killing me! Recent forecast says that warmer than average air temperatures are being observed and I think there’s no way to escape it than to travel to places with cool climate. Tagged as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio City is indeed one of the top destinations in dry season.  

Reaching the Kennon Road, I was surprised to see flock of tourists and heavy traffic jam welcomed us. It’s totally different from our 2014 trip wherein the roadway was pretty clear and tourist spots weren’t that crowded. Well, this is the effect of sultry weather. Instead of getting distressed, I focused my attention to the guesthouse that was directed to us. Even it’s situated in lowland part, the spacious house and its amenities (I love the bathroom!) was worth the price of P4,500 (good for 13-16 persons/3 families & overnight stay)! Oh forgive me, I wasn’t able to ask the exact address and contact details. 🙁Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)2Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)3Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)4But hey, I can give you a hint: it’s few meters walk from Mines View Park plus the super steep slopes! Haha. And speaking of Mines View Park, it was our Day 1 destination along with a long walk to The Mansion/Wright Park. 🙂 Stay tuned for Baguio Day 2 travel diary. Enjoy the photos!Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)5Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)6Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)8Baguio-Summer Capital (Day1)9

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