BALER | Beauty in the East

Baler-Beauty in the East1Posting about my second summer trip (see first herefor this year – BALER! It’s situated in the heart of Aurora province and actually a tricky sight. And when I mean tricky, Sabang beach is quite invisible to the eyes reaching the town as it’s hiding behind the lush mountains. After 5 to 6-hr drive, we reached our first stop – Old Balete Tree in Maria Aurora.Baler-Beauty in the East2There’s nothing much to do there except for photo op with 600 year-old Balete tree standing tall and proud. Thanks to this dear tree for casting a big shade and keeping us cool amidst the hot weather. This is not a free attraction and you have to settle an entrance fee (P10 for adult & I’m not sure for kids).Baler-Beauty in the East3Baler-Beauty in the East6After a short stay, we visited Museo de Baler then headed straight to June’s Homestay which is located at the beachfront! Perfect! It’s such a magical view from our guesthouse. Fhabs and I resisted the urge to dip right into the water because the heat is really crazy. Haha.Baler-Beauty in the East4Baler Surfer Grill’s Volkswagen spotted!Baler-Beauty in the East8Baler-Beauty in the East9Baler-Beauty in the East10Baler-Beauty in the East7 We feasted our eyes on the beautiful sight, took photos and waited for the sun to calm down and there it was, we played with the waves and totally forgot about everything! That’s it for first day in Baler and stay tuned for future posts! 🙂

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