BALER | Surf at Sabang

Baler-Surf at Sabang1Aside from being a home for historical landmarks and birthplace of former President Manuel Quezon, Baler is also one of the popular surfing spots in the country. I was glad that we stayed in guesthouse overlooking Sabang Beach and we’re only meters away from surfboard rentals. Fast fact about me: I can’t swim (swear I’m trying!) and have this fear of big waves so Fhabs took a lot of convincing for me to give surfing a try.

Since the first day of our trip was consumed by long drive, short tours and sunset swim, we resumed our surfing plan the next day.Baler-Surf at Sabang2We got up very early to check if the waves can be tamed enough by first time surfers like us. But before that, we did a quick visit in front of Museo de Baler where big B-A-L-E-R is spelled out and took the opportunity to shoot since there were no tourists flocking the spot. Yay for that!Baler-Surf at Sabang4Baler-Surf at Sabang5Back to the game, we rented a surfboard costing P350 (good for 1hr) along with an instructor. Oh my, Kuya surfer’s even tan and sculpted abs gave me a major envy. #Surferbodgoals. Fhabs let me go first since I was too excited but deep inside, I couldn’t breathe and my heartbeat stopped.Baler-Surf at Sabang6Baler-Surf at Sabang7Baler-Surf at Sabang8He taught the basics and I could no longer remember any of those now for I still suffer from a mild surfing trauma. Haha. We then headed to the beach to catch the waves and guess what, I wasn’t able to stand up and look cool in the waves once in my life. I couldn’t balance and get up for my knees were shaking. I even had a worst fall and felt that the whole sea ate me up.Baler-Surf at Sabang10Baler-Surf at Sabang11Instead of sulking over my mess, I focused my attention to Fhabs’ turn, gave the loudest cheers as he did very well and realized that I don’t have to be good at everything. Sometimes, what truly matters is I’ve been brave in trying. 🙂

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