BATAAN | Balanga to Mt. Samat

BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat1Week before my AU travel, Fhabs planned for a road trip, which he also regarded as “despedida” (send off) for me, and that sweet thought gained a big YES of course. The weather wasn’t cooperating when we left but arriving in Balanga, the sun peeked out.

We had our lunch at The Beanery (separate post soon) then went our way to Mt. Samat which was just a short drive from the city.BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat2BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat3BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat4There’s a parking fee of P40 (small vehicle) and domestic tourist entrance fee of P30. This wasn’t my first time to visit the attraction and I can say it hasn’t changed except for the elevator (inside the big Cross) which is closed due to future renovation.BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat5BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat6I was saddened by this because I wanted Fhabs to experience the whole elevator thing and enjoy the view from the top of the Cross since this was his first time. But instead of feeling unlucky, we made the most of every sight and still had lot of fun!BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat7BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat8BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat10BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat11BATAAN-Balanga to Mt. Samat12

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