Batang 90’s

Denim Jumper Dress OutfitBeing born in the early 90’s, I think there’s so much to appreciate in this decade. Be it music, game or TV shows, it’s easy to come up with a long list that defines the era of 90’s kids. Who’s with me?

I remember playing street games (piko, tumbang preso, Chinese garter etc.) or spending time with my black and white Brick Game when Mom wouldn’t allow me to come out and play. I didn’t have a Game Boy but I had beautiful dolls and Barbie storybooks given by my Auntie from the States. I also spent my “baon” (P10) on paper dolls and post cards. Remember when Tamagotchi became a hit? I had that one, too! I even cried when my pet died so I ditched it. Haha!Denim Jumper Dress OutfitMom also taught me about music at a very young age thus, singing and dancing with our cassette player had been part of my childhood. Who would forget Sony’s Discman? Aahhh I’d sneaked into my Uncle’s bag just to get hands on it! See, there are thousand things to look back in the 90’s and even fashion is no exception. It’s the time when various trends were introduced, loved, hated and now, have made a huge comeback. Well, wearing something (like denim jumper, classic backpack and stripes) that reminds me of good old days is my perfect excuse to feeling old.Denim Jumper Outfit - Jansellbiskwit

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