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Fantasy World BatangasThe first quarter of the year has been filled with surprises, adventures and marked several breakthroughs that nothing (even a slow internet connection) can stop me to write here and talk about how great and faithful our God is – that not only is He willing but also, He is able to bless us beyond what we can imagine. And speaking of adventure-packed months, I’m so excited to share with you our Mt. Maculot day hike and Fantasy World experience but need to skip Mt. Maculot post for now as I’m saving it for something else – soooon to be revealed!

Second to our Batangas adventure was a quick tour at Fantasy World, a medieval-themed park located in Lemery, Batangas and tagged as “supposed Disney World of the Philippines”. Who would have thought that there is a Sleeping Beauty castle-like structure built somewhere in Batangas? Wow! I even remember my friend’s comment on photos I uploaded on Facebook saying how Fantasy World resembles Neuschwansterin Castle in Bavaria, Germany – same royal castle that inspired Disney. 😉Fantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World, built in 2001, was once owned by a Japanese businessman but due to low funding, the construction stopped and was believed to have been abandoned. It is currently run and maintained by the homeowners association in which you have to pay for an entrance fee to gain access to it.

Note: Entrance Fee – P1000 for 10 guests and below (P100 for additional person)

Fantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasSituated on top of a hill, Fantasy World offers a spectacular view of Batangas and you can enjoy some sightseeing by climbing up the castle towers. Aside from that, there are also theme park rides (not operational though), tree house, hanging bridge and a lush garden that can be a perfect backdrop for your photo ops.Fantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasFantasy World BatangasI took time to walk around and was really impressed with every detail. Feeling ko tuloy Disney princess ako – minus the ball gown and Prince Charming. Haha! And yes, no one is too old for fairy tales so include Fantasy World on your Batangas adventure this summer. Have fun! 😊

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