Bloated Days

Bloated Days1Disclaimer: This is not a serious health case for today’s post. Okay I got to tell you that from the time I got back from Australia trip, I’d never stopped eating — just because I badly missed Filipino foods! As I’ve always satisfied my cravings (blame it to Sisig, Sinigang, Jollibee etc.), it brought my tummy an uncomfortable state.

We all do experience bloated days especially now that I even have stubborn belly fat. Tsk. I actually hate it, well, who doesn’t (girls)? But I have no one to blame since it’s me who doesn’t work out and have serious case of eating a lot. LOL.  Thanks to this denim overalls/dungaree for hiding my bloated secret and still made my look laid-back and hip. What do you think?Bloated Days2Bloated Days3

Bloated Days6Hanes shirt | Abercrombie & Fitch overall shorts | Watch from Australia | Big W slip on 

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