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Blog WishlistWhen I wasn’t yet a student council officer back in college, most of my time were spent in the library with a book, magazine or newspaper on my hand. As irregular student with tons of breaks, it’s not practical to kill time in canteens because I would always end up eating whatever my tummy craves thus, go broke if done in between classes.

Good thing the university library houses variety of reads and you can find me in fiction section. I used to love novels and could finish one in two days straight. Paano pa ako nakikinig sa klase? Haha! When extra-curricular responsibilities kicked in, I had lesser (at some point no) time to delve into shelves. Outside HAU, Booksale has been my go-to place if I need some good reads (in affordable price) and walks out with a new buy.

The lesser time I had for treasure hunting, the smaller chance I got to finish an entire novel. Then, I gave lifestyle books, comics and magazines a shot. Candy, Meg, K-Zone, W.I.T.C.H and Total Girl? Yes, I collected them! My love for reading books doesn’t fade away and I don’t think it will. I may not be into fiction now but I find enjoyment and inspiration reading pieces about ‘real-life’ – self-improvement, career, travel, personal style, reflections and the list goes on. At some point, I can even see myself writing my own book in the future. Let’s see!

For now, I share with you my reading wish list consisting of three books I’d love to have. Why only three? (1) What we read mirrors our thoughts, aspirations and personalities so I want something which can be a significant part of me, inspire and drive me, and make me smile up to the last page. (2) Something special and lesson-packed to put on my future study room/library (naks!). (2) Good, quality books are not that cheap so it’s a matter between getting an instant reward for myself or saving up for it. Now let’s proceed, I’d also love to hear your book recommendations!

“Better than Jewels” by Rica Peralejo- Bonifacio (P425, NBS)

About the book

“Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is better than jewels, and all you may desire cannot compare to her.”  (Proverbs 8:10)

Join Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio every week of the year in Better than Jewels. In this weekly devotional, she shares her reflections on the joys and trials of motherhood, generosity and gratitude, love and sacrifice, and hard lessons from her past.

Each weekly entry comes with a page for journaling. You are encouraged to write down your own reflections and applications after every devotional entry.

As you read this devotional, may you discover that the wisdom found in God’s Word is far better than all the jewels in the world. (source)

P.S. I finally found this book and got my copy last weekend. Also started the weekly devo for the month of August. Thank you Ate Tey ( for mentioning about this jewel months ago! 😊

“Chic” by Daphne Osena-Paez (P395, NBS)

About the book

Daphne Oseña-Paez, whose work on lifestyle television and her eponymous blog has inspired millions to aim for a life lived well, comes up with her biggest project to date: a book that captures the best lessons she’s learned in life, love, design, work, and more, which can help readers in their own pursuit of a good and beautiful life.

In each chapter, she also lets everyone in with her personal conversations with some her best mentors and inspirations, from retail magnate Ben Chan and fashion entrepreneur Tina Maristela Ocampo, to actress and public servant Lucy Torres-Gomez and furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

Part life musings, part practical advice, this book is a sensible yet enjoyable read that reflects Daphne’s persevering personality, positive frame of mind, and engaging journeys in marriage and motherhood, at work and in the blogosphere, at home and in the kitchen, with family and friends. Definitely a book that inspires grace, kindness, hard work, and overall chicness. (source)

“Capture Your Style” by Aimee Song (P799, NBS)

About the book

From Instagram star Aimee Song, creator of the popular fashion blog Song of Style, comes the very first how-to Instagram guide, breaking down the essentials to taking gorgeous photos and building your brand and following.

With over three million Instagram fans, Aimee Song knows a thing or two about taking the perfect Instagram photo. And Instagram is so much more than a platform for pretty pictures. It’s the fastest-growing social media network with an engaged community, a major marketing tool for brands, a place where Beyoncé drops her albums, and a hub where products can be bought with a simple double tap. Including everything from fashion, travel, food, décor, and more, Aimee includes insider tips on curating a gorgeous feed and growing an audience.

Capture Your Style will empower you to become your own master mobile photographer, whether you’re looking to launch an e-commerce business or simply sharing a gorgeous meal with your friends, turning even the most mundane moment into Instagold. This is a must-have reference for anyone interested in the ins and outs of stylish personal branding. (source)

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