CASEd Miting De Avance 2012 Speech

I did some general cleaning in my room and found this piece on my treasure box (old school stuff). As I read it, memories of my experiences in student council flashed back. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you my drafted speech when I vied for Vice Chairman position in College Student Council.

“There is no better feeling than taking a great OPPORTUNITY by the hand and making the most out of it.”

An OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE wholeheartedly.

Being part of the student council is one of the significant rewards in my life. I remember the time when I was running as Councilor under Independent Party and had no enough experience in terms of leadership and public service, but, I said to myself, “Whatever the result is, I will always be willing to serve the CASEd students even I won’t have the position to do so.” Luckily, I won the election and hailed as one of eight councilors. I was very grateful the moment I saw my name landed the third spot on the list for it only showed that many believe in my capacity in becoming a student leader.

In this term, I handled various activities and sacrificed even my personal time except for academics. I may have shortcomings at times but I believe, there’s always a room for so-called improvement. For me, true service lies from a person who has a big heart to do things not only for his/her sake but also for the welfare of others.

An OPPORTUNITY TO TOUCH OTHER’S LIVES and inspire them to do their best.

Becoming a student leader can somehow be equated to gaining lots of friends. I feel blessed not just because of my accomplishments, achievements I received and even compliments bestowed upon me but because I know that I’m surrounded by trusted and loving friends aside from my family. I also came to realize that I don’t have to be perfect and pretend to be one just to please people, I just have to always strive for the better, stay humble and work on the best person I can be.

Lastly, an OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN THINGS which I did not learn in four corners of a classroom.

As cliché as it may sound, experience is the best teacher. My good and bad experiences as a student leader helped me become a person I’m at present. I learned to value and appreciate things and everyone around me, to be responsible of my actions, to respect each other’s point of view and to manage my time efficiently. I may have failures but what counts is I always pick myself up, take the lessons I learned and try again.

Today, as a Candidate vying for the position of CSC-CASEd Vice Chairman, I won’t promise you anything for it’s believed that promises are meant to be broken, but this is one thing I can tell you, whether the path is smooth or rocky, nothing will stop me from reaching my goal – and that is to serve wholeheartedly, touch people’s lives and inspire them to do their best, and to learn things as I go along the way.

THANK YOU and PRAISE GOD ALWAYS! Good afternoon.

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