CEBU | La Vie Parisienne

I have shared bits of our Cebu trip and this is absolutely one of my favorites – dinner at the beautiful La Vie Parisienne. It’s one of the most visited spots not just for fine dining but splendid sight itself. La Vie Parisienne, “Parisian Life” in English, is regarded as the first French Boulangerie, Pastry Shop and Wine Library in Cebu and true to its name, I felt like I was transported to my dream Paris upon entering the place.Continue reading

Ten Things to Do This Summer in Pampanga

It’s no secret that Fhabs and I love to visit new places and get out of our comfort zone so we work hard to play harder. But honestly, it’s not practical to travel every week especially we’re working full-time and going on a long vacation frequently would also mean using the allotted leave credits from work and pile of tasks to finish post-trip. To keep the adventure rolling while waiting for upcoming travels, we spend time to explore and experience something new in our own hometown.Continue reading

VLOG: Fhabs’ Birthday – Vikings MOA

It’s been months since I uploaded a vlog on my channel. Maybe, part of my 2017 blog resolution is to create more vlogs that feature not only my travels but also topics ranging from fashion to lifestyle. Blogging while working full-time on daytime job and managing a small business – the struggle is real but I’m not complaining! 🙂Continue reading