Run for Christ 2017

Run for ChristAs mentioned here, I’m not a hardcore runner but love to participate in running activities that are held for a cause. Run for Christ 2017 was my second (and probably last) run for this year and glad to be able to register prior to deadline – shout out to Worship Generation (Marquee Mall) for sending updates and being so kind and accommodating in the process.

My Day Hike Essentials

Hiking EssentialsDisclaimer: I’m neither a hiking expert nor a full-fledged mountaineer. I just love a different level of sightseeing and nature trip so it’s always been my goal to trek at least 1-2 mountains each year. And guess what? I’ve also gone through some hiking mishaps – whether it be my clothing or stuff. But at the end of the day, what matters is being able to reach the goal and enjoy the whole journey.

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