We Are All Beautiful

In today’s age, it seems that people focus on how to have a perfect and instagrammable life – career, love and physical appearance. Speaking of the latter, some double their effort to achieve that enviable body and well-sculpted abs which to be honest, I never dreamed of such. Not that I’m feeling lucky of my average physique but let’s just say we shouldn’t get pressured with what society dictates us and how social media takes over our lives.Continue reading

Jansellbiskwit Blog is Now on Facebook!

Hello dearest readers! I just want to tell that I finally created a Facebook page for Jansellbiskwit Blog! I can’t believe how traveling and experimenting in style constantly fuel my passion and creativity to create more content. I’m always thrilled! I hope you won’t get tired of dropping by and reading on my “no filter” life, love and humor. Haha! You may like or follow the page to get fresh updates. THANK YOU!

Twenty Four

Still on a birthday high and can’t get over it as I’m writing from Queen City of the South!!! Aaaaah I can’t believe this is happening! I’m dumbfounded by the fact that I’m here in Cebu for a birthday trip!!! *Sorry for abusing the punctuation mark (!)*Continue reading

Moving from WordPress.com to a Self-Hosted Blog

It’s truly a dream come true to have my own domain and self-hosted blog and I thought making the move is a piece of cake. IT’S NOT. Online articles, tutorials and Q&A portion with friends were a big help yet, there were still those nerve-wracking times trying to absorb every website terms, working on trial and error and keeping my composure and patience at the end of the day. To be honest, I almost lost my sanity in the process. 😀

Continue reading