CEBU | FnJ Goes to Visayas

Kawasan Falls CebuI can’t believe I’m now writing about our recent Cebu trip. Those beautiful days passed by so quick and as much as we wanted to stop the time, we must keep going and treasure what we had. People close to us know how much we love to set foot in new places and venture different things. The past year was about exploring the North and other Luzon spots and our 2017 adventure has begun by traveling to Visayas for the first time. 

This trip is very significant for FnJ as we celebrated my 24th birthday and Fhabs’ first plane ride finally took place. Not to mention, Cebu is part of our PH travel bucket list! Good things also happened before the trip. Like, we got the action camera (we’ve been eyeing for quite some time) in the best deal. It’s perfect for Oslob adventure and waterfalls chasing in Cebu.We’re always clear on our travel purpose – explore destinations, try something new and escape from busy life. We’re chill travelers, not extreme ones. We hadn’t visited lots of Cebu attractions since they’re almost half-day trip away from each other. We had the best time exploring some famous spots, roaming around the city, swamping ourselves with delicious foods and immersing in Cebuano culture.Cebu - Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Stay tuned for more Cebu posts and DIY travel guide!

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