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Larsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ is only walking distance from the hotel so there’s no reason not to visit the popular food haven.

It is a spacious food park with more than 20 eateries nestled inside. In the entrance, you will be greeted by vendors/staff who do their sales talk to convince you to visit their respective station.Larsian BBQ CebuWe’re clueless on where to go because they’re all talking non-stop. Haha! Until this guy whispered, “Libutin niyo muna po lahat Ma’am bago po kayo pumili.” His suggestion caught our attention as he sounded so calm yet confident on what he can offer. So, we ended up choosing from array of barbecue at Smiley Native Restaurant.Larsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuAside from usual pork and chicken BBQ, they made us try some specialties such as longganisa de Cebu and white marlin fish. They also offer various seafood choices which are definitely must-try. Then, we’re directed to green colored seats and observed the place while they’re grilling our food. Larsian is an open-space area so no need to worry to get soaked in clouds of smoke. Though many diners go in and out, the place is clean and well-maintained.Larsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuAfter few minutes, our order arrived and was grilled to perfection. I don’t have photos of the cooked meals as we dug right in and devoured everything in a snap. 😃 We’re also amazed with the rice! They call it “puso” (hanging rice) which is wrapped and boiled in a triangular casing made of woven coconut leaves. It’s considered as one of Cebu specialties and I think I can even eat it alone as it’s really flavorful!Larsian BBQ CebuLarsian BBQ CebuORDER: LONGGANISA DE CEBU, CHICKEN THIGH & HEART, WHITE MARLIN FISH, 2PCS. PORK TENDERLOIN (P376). PUSO (P2 each).

*Visit Larsian Barbecue at Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City


  1. cherryl
    April 11, 2017

    thank you so much for posting this…SMILEY NATIVE RESTAURANT @ LARSIAN will serve you even better…best regards

    1. Jansell
      April 11, 2017

      Thanks Cherryl! 🙂


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