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Cebu - Magellan's CrossAs history buff, one of my agenda in visiting Cebu is Magellan’s Cross. I remember seeing the famous landmark on textbooks and post cards. Imagine my surprise when I finally get to see it up close! Not only it’s beautiful and iconic but also it marks one of the significant events in Philippine History.

On March 16, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator, landed in the island of Homonhon. He planted the Cross a month later, on the island now called Cebu, to signify the propagation of Roman Catholic faith in the country.Magellan's Cross CebuMagellan's Cross CebuMagellan's Cross Cebu - Fhabs MallariIMPORTANT NOTES 

  • Magellan’s Cross is situated in front of Cebu City Hall building
  • Accessible by public and private transport
  • Open for public viewing from 8AM – 6PM daily
  • No entrance fee

Magellan's Cross CebuThere are claims that the original Cross was destroyed and what we see is just a replica. But as the marble sign says, the site still houses the original Cross which is encased in another wooden Cross for protection. Whatever the truth is, I can never hide my admiration and interest towards Philippine history which I think should be part of every Filipino’s mind and heart.Magellan's Cross Cebu

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  1. Lorie Lee
    December 21, 2017

    Hi Jansell, thank you for your post. Very short and direct to the point. Kudos!


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