CEBU | Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Oslob Whale Shark CebuThough we didn’t make it on our target day, there’s no stopping us to pursue this. Whale shark watching is the highlight of exploring Southern part of Cebu and as you see the above image, you already have an idea that we did it. YES, WE DID IT!

After touring the beautiful Kawasan Falls and indulging with best cheap eats at Larsian Barbecue, we headed to Oslob the next day and this time, we got up very early! It took almost 4hr travel and we arrived at Aaron’s Beach Resort around 8:30AM. Then, we proceeded to the registration area for payment and slot. Whale shark watching is open from 6AM-12:30PM everyday except on Good Friday.

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Pillows Hotel to South Bus Terminal via taxi (P65) | South Bus Terminal to Aaron’s Beach Resort, Oslob via Ceres bus (P177/head)


  • Via Bus: Ride a Ceres or Sunrays bus going to Oslob (Aaron’s Beach Resort). Cost: P150-P180/head
  • Via Private Car: Use Waze app for accurate direction. Or follow buses with Oslob sign as you’ll take the same road with them.


  • Watching (1 ticket for 30mins) – P300 for local guest and P500 for foreign guest
  • Snorkeling (1 ticket for 30mins) – P500 for local guest and P1000 for foreign guest
  • Scuba Diving (1 ticket for 1hr) – P600 for local guest and P1500 for foreign guest 

Note: Child 3 years old and below are free of charge. Aside from Whale shark watching fee, there’s an Entrance Fee of P100/head.

Oslob Whale Shark CebuOslob Whale Shark CebuWe availed of Snorkeling set and they provided us a life vest, goggles and breather. You can also rent underwater camera (P500) and have the boat man to take pictures. We brought our own gear and glad we have it as we’re free to take photos and videos that a normal camera or DSLR can’t do underwater. Plus, the quality of SJCAM SJ4000 action camera doesn’t disappoint. There’s a quick orientation where they discussed certain rules such as: No touching of whale sharks, No flash photography , No feeding and Maintain or keep 4M distance 

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Oslob Whale Shark Cebu - Fhabs MallariOslob Whale Shark CebuOslob Whale Shark CebuThen, we took a boat ride (with other three tourists) and stationed at the whale shark area. I’m not sure about the exact number of whale sharks that were there but I saw three of them.Oslob Whale Shark CebuYou may also think that this activity won’t be enjoyable for anyone who doesn’t know how to swim but I tell you, it’s worth trying! I can’t swim either but this is life, we have to conquer our fear! My knees were shaking when I jumped off the boat but Fhabs backed me up in the water. We screamed at the top of our lungs when a whale shark approached us so close! Nakakahiya sa whale shark! LOL. Oslob Whale Shark CebuOslob Whale Shark CebuThe 30min. experience was super worth it, not to mention, we got to capture our close encounter with the whale shark. Isn’t it photogenic? See more of this beautiful creature on the vlog soon!

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