Challenge Accepted

Jansell Iris SimbulanSeeing myself wearing a black toga and flashing a proud smile to everyone around me while receiving my diploma is such a milestone in my existence. But, after all the glitz and glamour of the Graduation day, everything is back to zero. Indeed, that celebration signifies not an ending but the beginning of the rest of my life. Taking summer jobs is not included on my checklist because I am looking for a permanent one at this point. No more enrolment dates and tuition fees to care about because job application and expected salaries are what truly matter.

Even I had various experiences and humbly gained such achievements in college, still, I found it hard to jive along the competitive world of job hunting. On the bright side, I thought of still being lucky that I’m certain that my guns are loaded with enough bullets to engage myself into a warβ€”a war where no huge tanks and hideous arena can be seen but only a plain office desk and an officer giving every applicant a stiff remark while handing him/her a resume.

The internet has become my dependable buddy as I carefully browse on different sites and job offers in local and national perspective. Selecting things to put on a resume is also a nitty-gritty part because not all things about me may be included on that piece of paper so I have to rely on the interview proper to fully express myself and my capacity and hope that the series of fast heartbeat and annoying mental block will not get in the way.

I even got to memorize every details on my resume as I had it printed for so many times, handing it to companies I walked in, my face full of high hopes and enthusiasm, but when I got home, filled with anxieties thinking if the staff scanned through it or just added it on a big pile of crying and waiting resumes in the corner.

Yes, looking for a professional job and proving myself in a short span of interview and examination is not as easy as cramming for that surprise quiz given by the class instructor. Yet, I always believe that somehow, good opportunity comes when least expected. I admit I rely too much on the internet for sources and fail to remember that there are human connections and real trusted people around me whom I can ask about my purpose in real world. A good friend told me about this job I’m into right now. I got motivated to do my very best walking in, taking a long and not-so difficult exam, and making an impression on three interviews for I don’t want to fill myself another dose of anxiety. After a week, good news has come. I made it to the job position.

The memories I had on my graduation day are now part of a lifetime treasure and my first day at work is the start of making another bunch of memories filled with good and bad times, people to spend time with and life-lessons to cherish. There’s no such thing as overnight result of a job application. It will test our patience to wait, our maturity to accept if we fail and a brave heart to try again.

I believe that luck is not something we just wait for to come but a fate we work hard for along the process. The job and position I have right now is a no turning back challenge. It is accepted. Therefore, wish me luck and success!

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