Choco Loco

1Forgive me in saying I’m a human in mind and heart, an alien in taste buds. How is that? Whenever anyone learns that I don’t eat chocolates, I’m already expecting a strange reaction and wide-eyed stare. LOL. It’s not about the taste, look and the like, I just don’t want to.

Eating chocolates doesn’t make me happy and satisfied (full contrary to its benefits) yet I always love to share and give them to others. I may not be indulging myself with these sweeties but I’m much grateful when someone still gives me such. Another question here is, how does Fhabs handle it knowing the fact that giving your girl a piece or box of chocolates is #1 pogi points. Well, no need for that, just feed me always! Haha.

P.S. I still eat chocolate cake minus the icing and drink MILO or any chocolate drinks!

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