Choosing a Student Leader

Aside from the administrators and employees, Holy Angel University acknowledges the right of the students to be the voice and representatives of their own welfare. Based from the College Student Handbook, the University Student Council (USC) is considered as the highest student governing body of the institution composed of officers duly elected by the entire student body in tertiary level.

The University Student Council is a well-known and democratic student government that represents the voice of the general student population. On the other hand, the College Student Council (CSC) is a student governing body which composed of officers duly elected by the students belonging to their particular college. The college student council is separate and independent from the University Student Council.

In choosing the respective student leaders, specific process must be carefully undergone. The candidate must carry at least 12-unit load in the current and succeeding semester and must have not been found guilty of any major offense specified in the college student manual. He/she also must not hold any editorial position in the university and must not have failed more than three units of his load in the immediately preceding semester. If the candidate met the given qualifications, he/she is eligible to file a certificate of candidacy.

The online filing of the COC must only be obtained from the office of the University Student Electoral Board (USEB) situated at the Office of Student Affairs. The official list of qualified candidates will be eventually posted and the campaign period follows. On the actual day of the USC-CSC Elections, students can cast their votes through online voting system. The computer laboratories serve as the respective voting precincts.

Beyond the credentials and campaign strategies, choosing the deserving student leaders relies on the hands of the student voters. They are to decide if they would settle for those who want to be the voice of their concerns and rights or choose those who only want to gain a certain position.

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