Christmas Wish List 2017

Christmas Wish ListI’m not into luxurious stuff thus, my wish list comprises of what I need (with a few favorites), what practically works on my lifestyle and what I can share with others. I have no deadline for this (not even Christmastime) as there’s no need to rush, put pressure and force things just to get 100% check. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get to tick off everything as long as I get to rejoice the spirit of Christmas and cherish the wonderful season with loved ones and people around me. Scroll down to know more about my wish list.

Singapore. I do invest more on practical stuff but a taste of adventure is also part of my treasures. It doesn’t mean traveling constantly and binging on expensive trips – a quick getaway or any budget travel is already a sweet treat. I didn’t expect that I’d be able to book a promo flight for this so-called “expensive city” last March – P1600 (per pax) for round-trip! I haven’t done a major preparation on this yet at pray pa para dito.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. In this digital age, sadly prints are no longer a big thing. We can find and put everything online in just a click. It suddenly hit me that I don’t have printed photos of previous milestones and travels except from graduation and 21st birthday photo frame. Though they are stored in drive and uploaded in social media, it’s nice to keep or hang a piece that depicts priceless moments. I dreamt of having a Fujifilm X-A2 kit but now that I tend to maximize my phone camera and just want a printed version of memorable events and even future travels, I’ll go for a polaroid buddy over a mirrorless camera (which is quite expensive) this time.

Bohol. Traveling is not only about spending quality time with myself but being able to share beautiful experiences with people closest to my heart. I also booked this promo flight along with Singapore last March (P600/pax for round-trip) and guess who’ll be traveling with me – hint: it’s on on my travel bucket list!

Ukulele. Believe it or not, I loved playing the guitar back in high school and early years in college. My first 13th month pay purchase from working in a fast-food chain in 2010? Acoustic guitar. I want to go back to playing an instrument and this time, a ukulele. I started to review the chord chart while I still can’t decide which and where to buy one. Haha!

Portable External HDD. This has been on my wish list since 2015 and still aiming to have one to store and back up all my files aside from uploading them on Google Drive.

In advance, I’m hoping you’ll have a wonderful Christmas and may all your wishes come true! Spread the spirit of love, joy and giving!


    September 25, 2017

    I really admire you jans because you always have your Christmas Wish List. ako rin wish ko magka-instax pero soon, pag may extra budget na to afford one. hihihi

    1. Jansell
      September 26, 2017

      Nag-eenjoy lang akong isulat sila pero no pressure kung mameet ko man o hindi (budget-wise). Haha! Magkakaroon din tayo nun soon! 😉 Thanks Jazz! <3


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