Dark Side

Dark SideA shadow of loneliness can be perceived anywhere. We can never hide it from someone’s smile.

Loneliness can still be manifested by our system despite exerting an effort to shrug it off. It is the dark side of our being which shows the other face of the world.

Loneliness is the counterpart of being complete. It is a feeling of emptiness that slowly kills our drive to be happy. Loneliness slaps our face every time we hurt someone’s feelings. It is a torn in the heart whenever we hear others say something bad about us.

Loneliness can also be brought by failure. A failing grade is loneliness. A failing relationship is misery. A failing dream is disappointment. Loneliness is a feeling of being misunderstood. An instance where people do not tend to care for our feelings or even listen to what we can express something about the beauty of living.

Encountering unfortunate and unfavorable things in life is inevitable. However, the way we go with it depends upon our own perspective. We can choose to be happy. We can opt to become miserable. Being lonely doesn’t just make our life empty but also give us a sense of fortitude to stand and pull ourselves to face our life’s new chapter.

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