Earn Your Stripes

Earn Your Stripes1There are times I think I’m the lamest person on earth simply because I can’t do some things perfectly or even just properly. I can’t swim. I can’t drive and even got almost injured when I did a simple Go Kart. I can’t surf. Those “can’ts” sometimes bother and shake my confidence. But these shortcomings give me the absolute reason to appreciate and work on things I can do better.

I can write and even get to put up this blog. Sing and play the guitar. Do graphic design. Take good photos. Climb mountains. Wear thrift shop clothes. Make people smile for whatever reason. Help as much as I can. Do volunteer works. Be the best person I can be.Earn Your Stripes2Earn Your Stripes3Never allow your “can’ts” take over You can improve your strengths and take time to work on your weaknesses. You can show the world who you are. You deserve the best of life. You can earn your stripes.

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