Even Greater Summer Camp 2018

Even Greater Summer Camp 2018I’ve wanted to join the Summer Camp since 2014 and it’s made sense to me why it didn’t happen in the past four years. Growing in faith, it’s amazing to see and experience how God moves in a mighty way and how all things work together for good.

And yes, I just had my first Summer Camp experience this month!

Even Greater Summer Camp 2018Even Greater Summer Camp 2018These are the only camp photos I have along with random location shots, as I was purely enjoying and living in the moment that I didn’t feel the need to capture everything. The whole encounter and all the memories are kept in my mind and heart.

It’s sad to miss the last session but glad to share with you my favorite points from our keynote speakers.

“In the place of man’s greatest need comes GOD’S GREATEST PROVISION.” – Ps. Angelo Sangalang

“If we truly love God, OBEYING HIM will never be a struggle to us.” – Ps. Cathy Cuenca

“You can SHARE THE WORD through your life as your life is your greatest testimony.” – Ps. Daniel Vicente

“Faith is to DEFEAT YOUR DOUBT.”  – Rev. Faythe Santiago-Mendoza

I want to end the post by congratulating the amazing team behind EVEN GREATER SUMMER CAMP 2018. I’m blessed to be surrounded by brothers and sisters who love the Lord with all their minds, hearts and souls. To have a family who is on fire for Jesus and always spreads so much good vibes in the air. I’m blessed and grateful na makasama kayo.


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