False Look

The moment you woke and got up from bed in the morning, you found yourself staring at your bedraggled reflection in front of the mirror. You may even tend to consume a lot of your time fixing yourself in front of it than eating a nutritious breakfast before leaving home.

There are such times that you care more about how you look and take for granted the inner aspect of your being. If compared to an exam, your physical appearance will surely ace it, but, how about your inside aspect, will it also score a perfect A?

Your day will not be complete if there is nobody to be noticed or somehow criticized by you. Also, you keep an eye on those who are not that physically fit, well-groomed, or sinfully attractive and give them a disapproving look, not realizing that you, too, have imperfections of your own.

You have no particular time minding your manners and barely appreciate the things around you for you are too occupied in scrutinizing others’ coal. Likewise, you underestimate someone’s ability not knowing that you are not even capable of doing something better in your life.

If you were born beautiful, smart or talented, be thankful for you are fortunate to receive these so-called God-given gifts. However, this doesn’t give you the right to be conceited and degrade others’ worth because surely, in time, all the destructive criticisms you threw upon your fellow will be thrown back on you by the world and worst, it would be tougher on your part.

As what my English III teacher once told us, β€œBefore I go to sleep, I reflect all the things I did and words I uttered to my fellows on that day for me to learn my mistakes so that next time, I already have the knowledge of not doing it again.”

Outer reflection portrays your physical attributes. Inner reflection speaks about the real YOU.


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    November 26, 2012



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