Full-Bloomed1I can’t help but grin whenever my friends tell me that I look different now. I guess I need to spill the beans about the good old me (hello #throwback) for you to really understand what they mean.

Back in college, I used to wear large size shirts/baggy clothes, not the graphic and cool prints, just plain college tees. No strappy sandals and heels. No makeup or even glossy lips in sight. Hair was tied up or braided all the time. Plus, crazy dental braces. Bedraggled look to sum it up. Again, not the trendy looking but only boring or messy. Oh, I’m missing it!Jansell Iris SimbulanI don’t know what happened next but I’m happy how things turned out for me. From a plain, laid-back girl to a full-bloomed lady (in all aspects).  Maybe, there just comes a point in your life when you realize the need to change and what’s the best thing about it? Loving the real you and becoming the best version of yourself.

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