Happiness at its Best

Happiness at its Best

Emotions are deemed to be the most distinguished impression of one’s personality. We can easily convey something towards an individual through the existence of  emotions.  One of these which most of us would like to possess all the time is the state of happiness.

Happiness bears fruits of genuine smiles. It freely opens the window for our sparkling white teeth. Happiness strikes when a person gets a job well done on his work. It can also be seen on the eyes of the proud parents who tearfully watch their daughter as she step up the stage to  receive her hard-worked diploma. Sharing a cup of coffee in the morning with our loved ones is happy. A happy child giggles with a chocolate stains on his mouth and hands. Happy friends laugh their heads off despite a red mark on their test papers.

Being happy can be equated to being contented. We tend to see the beauty of life by appreciating every single thing we have as well as acknowledging the things we lack of. As cliché as it may sound, happiness is a choice. Regardless of the ups and downs in life, everyone deserves and has the very right to be happy.

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