Hello Summer

Hello Summer1That feeling when you’re not ready to face the sun because your long-delayed diet plans haven’t yet pushed through or you’ve not gotten your wardrobe in shape yet, don’t worry, I feel you. But, friends, keep in mind that summertime is not just about sporting skimpy bikinis and envying other’s six-pack abs or beach-ready body. It’s about knowing to have fun and making the most out of the season. Now, get up and create a list of your summer goals (no judgment here, haha). I already created mine and you can gain some ideas from here.Hello Summer3Hello Summer4Prepare summer essentials. Braving the scorching heat unarmed is a big no-no for me and these are my summer staples: Sunglasses, Sunscreen Lotion (don’t neglect this), Hair Care Products, Summer Dress, Swimwear (confidence, girl!), Scarf, Straw Hat/Baseball Cap, Beach Bag and Comfy Sandals.

Sign up for workshop/class or Try a new sport. Thanks to Kuya Joey for giving me a Dunlop badminton set as birthday gift! Yey! Time to break up with fats (let go pls. LOL) and badminton pa more!

Halo-halo and Ice Cream overdose. Talking about Filipino favorite and ice cream craving for my sweet tooth!

 Celebrate Mom’s 53rd birthday. Cheers to the 20th of May! 🙂

Get my passport. I’m currently on birth certificate correction process and will do some follow up this month. I badly want my travel baby. Wish me luck!

Travel, explore, take lots of pictures. I still have no specific places to visit this summer but this is one thing I can tell you, I need some Vitamin SEA.

Summer season falls from March to early June here in the country and while we now have various plans in mind, three months’ time will surely become ‘bitin’. Stay cool and beat the summer heat!

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