How To: Pull off a Style Shoot (By Yourself)

How To Pull Off a Style Shoot (By Yourself)1Since Fhabs was not with me back on AU trip, I put extra effort (in Filipino language, ‘diskarte’) on shoots especially on editorials. Hope you can learn on these short tips on doing style/outfit shoots all by yourself.How To Pull Off a Style Shoot (By Yourself)21. Place the camera somewhere. On this outfit post, I placed my cam on porch steps handrail. Don’t worry on the background as you can still work on the angles with the proper position of the camera. 

2. Set the timer. I set it at 10 seconds and run back to my desired position to do my thing.

3. Strike a pose. Maybe, one of the advantages of doing your own shoots is the “less awkward” feeling when you strike different poses because you’re facing nobody. It’s just between you and the camera. So, unleash the diva in you and experiment with poses and looks.

4. Be patient and enjoy. Don’t expect to get the perfect shot in just a click. Be extra patient to do the first three steps over and over ’til you get it right. Also, doing this shoot has helped me appreciate every single shot, regardless how blurry or uncoordinated it is. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

P.S. Spot Mickey Mouse on my dress!


  1. soulpaletteblog
    July 9, 2016

    Great tips! We don’t always have a photographer on hand!


    1. Jansell
      July 11, 2016

      Thanks Caylie!


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