How To Start Your Own Blog

How To Start A BlogSo you want to create your own blog? Game!


Why do you want to enter blogosphere in the first place? Passion in writing? Online diary? Determine your why. Whatever your blogging purpose is, may you write and create content from the heart. Don’t do it just because of money, freebies and fame, by the way. Stay true to yourself despite the pressure and anxiety [that may be] caused by what you see and how you manage things online.

Above all, may each of us always give God all the glory. 


Travel? Sports? Music? Food? Fashion? Finance? Ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Figure out what you love doing. It will be easy for you to share something about it. I started with a travel and style blog but as I tackle more and more things and love to share my spiritual walk, this blog has transformed into a travel, lifestyle and faith blog. No rush, take time to find your niche and pray for God’s leading. 😊


Aside from deciding on the name of your blog, picking a blogging platform is also a must as this is where you will build your blog. There are many platforms to choose from: WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly & Tumbler, etc.

WordPress is by far the most popular and I highly recommend it for good reasons. It’s super easy to setup! There are hundreds of themes, layouts and plugins you can use to improve your blog’s overall look and performance.


Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try things out of the ordinary. Discover new things that would work for your passion.

Engage. Respond meaningfully to every comment. Interact with your readers. Show appreciation to every person – who reads, comments, shares insights and even loves your writing.

Connect with other bloggers. Don’t hesitate to meet new people and make friends in the industry.

Share something that would not only speak about your life but will also benefit your readers.

“To be a successful blogger, you have to like helping or entertaining other people, not just talking about yourself.” – Corbett Barr

Enjoy. One of the most common misconceptions is that blogging is easy. The truth is, IT’S NOT. Blogging takes an incredible amount of work, creativity and patience. There’s no such thing as overnight success and blogging is no exception. But at the end of the day, all the hard work you put into it pays off when you love what you do, get to help, inspire or serve others and glorify God through your works. 😊

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