ILOCOS | Bangui Wind Farm

Bangui Windmills IlocosNext to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation was a quick visit to Bangui Wind Farm. I think this is one of the famous spots in Ilocos and now I know why it continues to capture the hearts of many. It’s indeed a sight to behold! Seeing the gigantic windmills lined up from left to right corner facing the sea blew my mind and my hair (literally). Haha!

We arrived late in the afternoon and honestly, we’re a bit tired and wanted to take even a short rest. But, the whole view was irresistible and we couldn’t let this chance pass not to have a photo op with the single row of windmills as backdrop.Bangui Windmills IlocosBangui Windmills Ilocos - Fhabs and Jansell

Bangui Windmills Ilocos - Fhabs and Jansell

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