Inspired to Style

Shoulder to Style OnMy last style entry is dated seven months ago which proves I’m not into posting style pegs or OOTD inspirations since I honestly don’t care much of what I’m wearing or how it adds up on my personality. Yet, as I’ve been into Pinteresting outfit inspirations, reading fashion & style blogs, and hunting treasures in thrift shops & malls, my interest in playing around my own sense of style and expressing my personality through dressing up has also nurtured.

Now, I consider this entry as my first official move to share style inspirations in which I realize that creating style blog doesn’t end in meticulously choosing clothes & pulling off a great combination, exuding a right amount of confidence is the best part. Thanks to my Mom for being my ultimate style & shopping buddy and Fhabs for capturing every bit on my style entry.

Stay connected for more outfit inspirations! 🙂Shoulder to Style OnShoulder to Style On

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