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Jansellbiskwit DIY BlogMy love for crafts started when I received my first gift from Fhabs back in 2013 – an Eiffel Tower papercraft (I love everything about my dream city, Paris). I was extremely delighted how he created that magnificent piece from folded and outlined paper. Oh how I wished Gustave Eiffel could have seen it. Haha.

Since then, my shelf is filled with cool crafts made by him – pencil holder, picture frame, cartoon characters, name it! It’s just lately when I decided to feature his craft and its step-by-step procedure on my blog which can serve as a guide to those who are fond of crafts and love to DIY everything. Starting off with this Treasure box papercraft.

Materials: Cardboard, cutter, glue, gum tape, ruler, pencil1234765You can draw or put some stickers on the finished output depending on your preference. 🙂


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