LA UNION | Ma-Cho Temple

Ma-Cho Temple was our last stop for La Union trip and we’re glad we went here and got to see a striking beauty. It’s situated along San Fernando highway which is accessible by public transport and has no entrance fee so give it a shot.

Built in 1975, Ma-Cho Temple is dedicated to Matzu (Ma-Cho), the powerful Queen of Heavens and protector of the sea according to Chinese legend. It’s said that she had supernatural powers and saved seafarers by rough seas. Even after her death (by the age of 28), people had prayed to her for good fortune and believed that her spirit continues to protect and save those who are in need.

Ma-Cho Temple is adorned with impeccable carved stone statutes of Chinese Saints and animals, ponds, grand staircase, towers and the main altar.  The view from the towering arch is majestic – overlooking the town and West Philippine Sea. 🙂

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