LA UNION | Post-Birthday Travel for Fhabs

San Juan, La UnionWe originally planned the trip on 3rd week of October but decided to move it to last week of the month for long weekend break. Glad to trust our instinct as the initial travel date was a stormy week in the country. The week after, we’re set to visit another treasure in the North in a gorgeous sunny weather.

La Union, particularly San Juan, is known as surfing capital of the North. I also learned that end of October means a big celebration at Urbiztondo, San Juan. Surf Break 2016 is one of the biggest surfing, sports and music events in the country. It’s open to everyone who wants to hit the beach, ride the waves or simply have fun. Trivia: Surfing seasons fall from July-October and November-February. What a perfect time for us to be here!San Juan La Union - Fhabs MallariSan Juan La UnionSan Juan La UnionMacho Temple La Union - Fhabs MallariSan Juan La UnionSan Juan La UnionSan Juan La Union

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