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La Union - Tangadan FallsSorry for being MIA on the blog and now I’m back to the grind by sharing our Tangadan Falls experience. As mentioned on previous post, the plan wasn’t pushed through the first time we went to La Union and the second time was a success.

We had no concrete guide on our way to San Gabriel – just Waze app and mental notes from our research. Haha! There were serious roadworks that time and re-routing was the only choice we had. We followed a tricycle with two ladies onboard believing that we’re on the same page and glad that we did!Tangadan Falls La Union - Fhabs MallariTangadan Falls La UnionHOW TO GET TO TANGADAN FALLS FROM SAN GABRIEL 

  • One to two-hour trek along Baroro River (more scenic)
  • 20-30 minute hike from the nearest jump off (for private vehicles)

We wanted to experience the whole trek so we chose the first option. It took almost two hours to reach Tangadan and walking along Baroro River and bushy forest was a perfect time to unwind with nature.Tangadan Falls La UnionTangadan Falls La UnionWe didn’t hire a tour guide as we find it too expensive at “lugi” – we have to pay P500 for it. Arriving at the famous attraction, we’re not actually surprised by the amount of tourists since it’s summertime.Tangadan Falls La Union

Note: Tangadan Falls Registration fee (P30).

And yes, bit of a struggle to find your perfect spot not only because it’s crowded but also the rocks are slippery due to mosses that grow on them. But overall, the falls itself gives a refreshing vibe after a long trek!Tangadan Falls La Union


  1. Hila
    August 10, 2017

    Thank you it was really helpful and good to know I don’t need a guide.

    1. Jansell
      August 10, 2017

      Hi Hila, happy to help! Thanks! 🙂


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