Live Simply

Live Simply“Everyday you are alive is a reason to be grateful.”

Everyday I wake up, my mind is already stuffed with the decisions I plan to do and things I have to accomplish for the day. As I walk in the busy streets, I notice these people who are also coping with their daily activities. In school, lots of students in every corner are occupied with various things. These daily scenarios are part of our daily routine.

When we had an interview with people whom we usually regard as unfortunate ones, I came to realize that we somehow do have certain things in common such as doing what is ought to be done yet there is one thing that they do in which some of us do not – and that is being grateful for each day that they live despite the dark portion of the wheel of their lives. They are content with what they have at present and accept what they lack of.

On the other hand, we, who have the right amount of everything we have, still complain about other things we do not possess. I may also conclude that maybe, people are getting depressed because they think there is no space for happiness in their lives. They tend to count their sins instead of their blessings.

Every night since that activity, I ponder on things I am grateful of having and experiencing and not only the things I did for the day. And maybe, I can no longer consider those people whom we talked with as unlucky. They are still fortunate because each day we live, we can always find a reason to be grateful if only we just know to appreciate every single thing around us.

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