MANILA | Aquamazing Christmas

1 As far as I can remember, it’s been almost two years since I had long vacation and that was Christmas break on my last year in college. I’ve engaged into a full-time job just a week after my graduation. That year was so hectic and tiring so it’s been one of my dreams to have a really loooong, sound break especially in Christmastime.

I’m so grateful that my current work religiously promotes work-life balance which means NO Weekend/Holiday/Overtime duties. With that, long holiday break is within my reach that led me to planning for a trip away from my hometown. And what’s for Christmas treat? MANILA OCEAN PARK.

Dau Terminal – Manila Ocean Park

  1. Checkpoint/Dau-Mabalacat Jeepney to Dau Terminal (P10)
  2. Bus – Avenida Terminal (P140)
  3. Cruz/Luneta Jeepney – Luneta Park (P8)

2MOP is open for reservations and walk-ins and we availed of Deep Sea Rush Promo (P580) comprising of six attractions: Oceanarium, Symphony Evening Show, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter and Back of the House. Visitors are allowed to tour the attractions in no particular order except for Sea Lion Show and Symphony Evening Show which follow a certain time. The whole place is quite spacious that houses various amenities and attractions. Check out for more posts from our aquamazing trip!345151667891011121314*Visit MOP on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


  1. Andrew Feliciano
    January 12, 2016

    Ganda ng mga shots ha! Paturo po. Haha

    1. Jansell Iris Simbulan
      January 13, 2016

      Identify your subject and take advantage of natural light when using phone camera, though a bit of struggle shooting in dark area/evening. Haha. Thanks! 🙂


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