Mr. Cupcake Diner

Mr. Cupcake Diner PampangaPassing by and seeing this bus restaurant for the first time while we’re on our way to a coffee shop, Fhabs and I knew we had to visit this one time. And so we did. Well, who wouldn’t? Mr. Cupcake Diner is such an eccentric dining place thus, giving it bragging rights to become the talk of the town for some time now.

Three yellow buses (to be exact) are dressed into an American diner setup which reminds me of classic food chain scenes drawn from TV and the movies. Talking about classic, Mr. Cupcake Diner’s interior features hanging vintage displays and beautiful patterned tiles. I love the soft lighting which makes the atmosphere more inviting and soothing.Mr. Cupcake Diner PampangaMr. Cupcake Diner PampangaMr. Cupcake Diner PampangaMr. Cupcake Diner PampangaSince it depicts American retro vibes, hint of burger, fries, pancakes, steaks and milkshakes will surely come to anyone’s mind. Fhabs tried the best seller in burger while I chose an overload meal which consist all of my faves in one plate. Yay! And guess what, Onion Rings was the bomb! It’s actually the best one we’ve ever had so far.Mr. Cupcake Diner PampangaONION RINGS (P99). White onion rings, beer batter and garlic ranch dip.Mr. Cupcake Diner PampangaCAPTAIN AMERICA BURGER (P155/combo). 100% beef patty, cheese, bacon, mushroom, pickles, tomato, lettuce, honey mustard, sesame seed buns.Mr. Cupcake Diner PampangaPIZZA OVERLOAD (195). Slice of New York pizza, spaghetti, chicken, fries, 8oz drink.Mr. Cupcake Diner PampangaMr. Cupcake Diner PampangaIf you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth, MCD doesn’t disappoint as they also have pastry shop nearby. We haven’t tried the sweet treats yet so I can’t elaborate for now. But how about a second visit? Yes please!

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