No more Holiday and Sunday Pass

In accordance with the Holy Angel University mission of molding the students into holistic individuals, various student-oriented activities are lined up in a whole academic year. Activities such as University Days, College Days, BuwanΒ ng Wika, Earth month and the like are usually conducted upon the efforts of the school administration and the student council as well.

A sense of eagerness can be seen through the eyes of the students who are actively participating in such activities. They prepare themselves to manage their time between the academic works and non-curricular activities. At times, they even tend to spend more of their time and energy to those activities as those bring them a feeling of enjoyment and help them suddenly escape from the academic stressors. Most of their practices are usually scheduled on weekends specifically, Saturday and Sunday.

However, the university recently imposed a policy that the students are no longer allowed to stay inside the campus premises on Sunday as well as on holidays. The information is properly disseminated but certain problems had arisen upon the implementation. Students have no practice area and some pay for a venue rental fee just to hold their rehearsal for the day. In addition to the unavailability of the location, students tend to hold their practice during the weekdays which eventually a hard time for them as they cope with their academic-related activities. With lack of practice and preparation, the performance is somehow affected as well as the fulfillment they would like to attain from it.

Having concrete policies brings no harm, but still essential factors must be scrupulously considered. On the bright side, everyone may learn to adapt the implementation properly and value the other important areas of growth and development.

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