Now or Never

Midiskirt Outfit - JansellbiskwitWhen my best friend told about a t-shirt business she’s engaged with and offered me to purchase one, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Not because of the good quality or affordable price – it’s only P200 (per piece) & P350 for 2pcs! But, it’s how she and the proprietor work on it with a good purpose.

As CBS T-Shirt Printing kicks off, a portion of the sale proceeds is planned to be donated to their church’s youth ministry budget. Helping is already a statement plus the fact they sell cool statement shirts. That’s why I had no second thoughts in buying. Time to do something fulfilling, chase our dreams and be what we can be. IT’S NOW OR NEVER.Midiskirt Outfit - JansellbiskwitMidiskirt Outfit - Jansellbiskwit*Other designs are available. Email me or leave a comment below for orders/inquiries.

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