On Cam

On CamMaybe, you’ve happened to read my mentions of him on some of my posts and I won’t get tired of making him part of this blog ‘coz he’s one of the main reasons why I keep going, strive to do better and live happier. Ok stop, cheesy na! Haha.

Well, he’s the man behind my smile and laughter. The man who backs me up when things can’t go right. Gives me pat on the back when good things take place. He doesn’t aim to be in the spotlight as he’s totally happy working and doing his best behind the scene. On Cam2Shooting these photos was not easy as he took time to pose, think, pose, think and then pose. I can’t blame him to feel a bit of awkwardness for he rarely does this – standing in front of the camera. But I was blissful taking the photos as it’s a pleasure to capture a man of humility, kindness and positive energy. Meet Fhabs – travel, food, shopping buddy, animation & papercraft kick-ass, business partner, my better half. <3

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